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UPDATE: the url Web Design Loft which scammed me is now linked to Design My Web World- Most of the portfolio is the same and many sites are not more than 3 pages deep.

I found Web Design Loft on Craigslist advertising a 6 month website maintenance for $499, flat rate. I couldn't find any reports on them online and though none of the references they listed, called me back, I naively decided to give them a try.

I sent Kelly (the owner) my website URL with a complete list of work required and she accepted all of it saying "it's no problem. We'll get it done".

I was asked to pay via PayPal as their CC processor was down (thinking back, this should have been a red flag for me). I paid up and asked for a timeline on completion of items. After the first week, I asked again and was given a week. A week later, I was again told it would be another week as she was working on it. I asked for a phone conference and was given 7:30pm as the only time available as that's the only time Kelly's programmer was available. When I called at 7.30pm, no one answered and there was no mailbox to leave a message. I emailed Kelly again and after yet another week, was told that the website is "unstable" and the requested changes cannot be made.

Exasperated, I asked why she accepted the agreement in the first place and agreed to all the work before I paid. She offered to create a whole new website from scratch with no extra fees!! By now, I was sure that's just another tactic to drag the weeks. I asked her to refund my money if she wasn't able to make the changes. She flatly refused.

I filed a claim with PayPal sending them all the info where my work was accepted and the emails where i was told time and again that she is working on it and will complete it and the ones where she refused to do it. PayPal's claim resolution guy told me he understands and acknowledges that i was cheated but its PayPal's policy that they don't insure services so they won't refund my money.

After much hunting, I was able to find a sister company of Web Design Loft called Magick Web Creations which has the same portfolio as them and is listed in Florida. Web Design Loft only listed a telephone number which no one answers and is listed in Ohio! And there is NO INFORMATION on them anywhere online. They have done a good job at hiding their location.

i was able to find them via the sister site and filed a BBB complaint in West Florida where the company is doing the same thing- make false accusations and refusing to refund the money.

i got scammed out of $500. and the company seems to keep reinventing itself under different URL's to get away with doing the same thing to more people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Manhattan, New York, United States #578896

It's crazy because I am in the process of the same issue.Except now this Bobbi Walker claims to have sold her company after I requested my $300 back (which I used PayPal to send) though she never made the site!

Have me sob storie for months about being sick which I accepted, only for her to suggest instead of refund, to have them make me a site!!!

Why would anyone in their right mind want to continue doing business with someone like this?!!!' I tried to approach her as a reasonable adult about the issue and she ignore me until I brought up my lawyer.I would rather spend another $300 to get them into trouble for fraud than let them get away with it!

to Kacey New York City, New York, United States #579006

So fortunately, Bobbi responded and the issue is being resolved. I wrote the previous post out of frustration that had little to do with her.

to Kacey Manhattan, New York, United States #628460

nope!!! I'm so naive! She just needed time to get away.

to Kacey Manhattan, New York, United States #628458

These people are out of their minds!!!!We arranged 30 day payment deadline and I haven't heard from her again.

The phone is off and the email address had been deleted!!!!!!! I'm so furious especially with PayPal who says there is nothing they can do because its past 45 days. How ridiculous is that? Now scammers know that they can lead you on for that period and then run off with your money.

But not me!! I am willing to spend the same amount or more to catch these bastards. I have open investigations with my bank and paypal to shut these people down from "selling" online. I have a private investigator friend who is also looking into it as for assets etc to see about suing for the money and business lost due to not having the site completed.

I lost an entire season (summer/fall) of product placement.I AM ONE PISSED CUSTOMER!


Also..The web design loft is no longer connected with Magick web creation.

Magick web creations has been in business for over 5 years... Bobbi Walker is the owner. If for some reason there are clients that need to get ahold of Bobbi walker . Then please do so on the magick site.

I will take care of any issue regarding a web site..

But i have to receive a email first.It would be nice if people will come to the source first instead of running around speading rumors..

to Owner of magick web.... New York City, New York, United States #756011

Bobbi, this is Kacey Librizzi.Glad I found you at last.

I never received the two payments totalling $299. Can you kindly send me an email at instead of ignoring and deleting.

It's long overdue and I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET MY MONEY.Thanks in advance.


It amazes me how i have a customer saying they are trying to reach out to magick web creations.When there if a form on the site to send a message.

I have not received a message.. Also the message states you have already had a website from magick..

Then how did anyone scam you?Is your website up and running?


Im actually having issues with the company Web Design Loft.My website was created by this company and i have reached out to them several of times about my issues.

But, No response...I sent emails to Bobbi Walker and have called but no answer or number disconnect. Now, after research i see that the company is under a new name Magick Web Creations.

I have reached out to BBB in regards to issue with this company!Its sad because i cant refer this company to anybody


This client has been paid.. so get a hobbie and go on with your lifes.. We are growing tired of this baby sitting we have to do...


Please back up your statement... Because i can back up my company....

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